At the start of this year I discovered the joy of juicing. I really enjoy juices and certainly appreciate the health benefits that can be gained from including our home-made fruit and vegetable juices as part of our families overall diet. 

As with many things in our diet I believe that including fruit and vegetable juices in moderation is sensational. 

Broccoli organce apple juice

Currently we probably enjoy juices about twice a week. What is included in our juices changes each week and is quite governed by what is in the fridge and cupboard at the time. In saying that there is some specifics that I am trying to achieve with our juices, they are different for me compared to the kids:

  • For the kids, I am wanting a tasty drink that offers a great hit of vitamins and minerals. I also tend to give them juice when they are needing an energy hit, say after a long day at school and before or after school sport. I much prefer for them to use the natural sugars in fruit than a processed alternative for this sort of energy boost. 
  • For myself, I try to avoid too many natural sweeteners in my juices, therefore steer clear of too much fruit and tend to focus on what vegetables I can juice. I also try to get a massive hit of vitamins and health benefits, so try to include multiple colours and vegetables that I am inclined not to eat so much in my general diet.
Today's juice is one that my kids LOVE. They are not great fans of broccoli (though they do eat it), but in this juice the taste is disguised by the sweetness in both the oranges and apple.
Broccoli organce apple juice ing lass

Broccoli, Orange and Apple Juice

This juice is sweet and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. It is a great pick me up if you are feeling a little under the weather or is a nice sweet energy boost. 
2 cups of Broccoli, including the florets and stem, chopped 
3 Oranges, peeled
1 Apple, cored
Juice the broccoli, oranges and apple in that order. Serve immediately. 
2-3 glasses
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