Funch have a range of six different Protein Power Ball mixtures that make quick guilt-free treats for any occasion. A single pack of Funch Protein Ball Mix makes 15-20 balls that are high in protein, contain healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals. They are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Today we are reviewing one of the new additions to the Funch range of Superfood Healthy Snack premixes - Salted Caramel. These like all the Funch products are already packed with loads of lovely healthy ingredients, you only need to add two simple ingredients then roll these balls and keep them in your fridge or freezer for when you want a healthy snack.

Some key ingredients in the Funch Salted Caramel Protein Ball mixture is the rolled oats that are a great source of unrefined carbohydrates, making them perfect for a pre-workout energy hit. These balls are also packed with cashews and pepitas (also known as pumpkin seeds) which are both a source of protein and fibre, which is essential in keeping you feeling full between meals.

To give these Salted Caramel Balls an even greater flavour punch I sprinkled them with just a pinch of sea salt.

If you’re a bit of a ‘foodie’ like me, you could also use this mixture to makes an excellent base for your favourite raw desserts, such as cheesecake, caramel slice and lemon slice. Simply prepare the ball mixture according to the instructions on the back of the pack and press into a tin lined with baking paper. Once chilled, top with your preferred filling and then slice into squares. You can then share them with friends over coffee or at your next dinner party as a not-so-naughty dessert.

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A word from Nutritionist Olivia Marshall

Olivia Marshall obtained her Bachelor of Food and Nutrition from Deakin University. She is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys experimenting with different ingredients to create healthier food alternatives. Her goal is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.
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