New DIY Slice Mixes and DIY Mix Explorer Bundle

We are SO excited to announce that the FUNCH family is growing! The newest additions to our DIY Mix range, Choc Orange and Strawberry Cheezcake, and our DIY Mix Explorer Bundle are perfectly timed to bring you light summer snacking!

The Choc Orange Raw Slice Mix brings a zesty twist to this nostalgic flavour combo and our Strawberry Cheezcake Slice Mix is so refreshingly tangy, your taste buds will be tingling! Our brand-new DIY Mix Explorer Bundle is bringing adventure into the kitchen for you to discover every flavour from the DIY Mix range! 

Our founder, Lisa, expressed her excitement with this new launch stating “creating and launching new products is one of THE most exciting things! The 2 new slice mixes have been some of my favourite flavours to work on! My 2 girls being chief taste testers, have given these products a big thumbs up, so I know you will love them as much as we do!"

Slice to meet you...

Making our DIY Slices could not be quicker! With summer coming, we understand that you don’t want to be inside baking, that’s why our DIY Slices can be made within minutes, and you’ll be back out in the sunshine in no time. We have made sure not to compromise on flavour or nutrition by using all natural ingredients and no added sugar! 

Choc Orange Raw Slice Mix

Choc Orange Raw Slice Mix

Choc Orange is a classic combo that you just can’t go wrong with! Have a slice and take a walk down memory lane with the subtly sunny-sweet orange flavour perfectly paired with indulgently rich cacao powder.



Strawberry Cheezcake Slice Mix

Strawberry Cheezcake Bliss Slice Mix

Strawberry Cheezcake is the ultimate match made in heaven. The delicately crafted balance of tangy strawberries, tropical coconut and creamy cashews creates a burst of flavours with every slice! We have created the ideal summer dessert to be enjoyed as a snack at any time.


The DIY Mixes are simpler to make than ever! No need to shape or roll. Just combine the Slice Mix with add in ingredients, spread into a tin (or any container you have on hand) and freeze. A perfect go-to option for a last-minute BBQ or picnic that is foolproof! Oh, and these mixes are also gluten free and vegan…but boy oh boy, they don’t taste like it! Available as single packs or in multipacks!

Clear the way, there’s a new bundle in town! 

Can’t decide which flavour to try first? We understand that choice can sometimes be overwhelming, or maybe you want to change up the snack cupboard. That’s where our brand-new DIY Mix Explorer Bundle comes in! Lisa explains the bundle as “the perfect solution for family snacking - wherever you are, whatever you’re up to or whatever your taste preferences, we have got you sorted with the Explorer Bundle. It includes our entire DIY Mix family. Something for everyone!”

DIY Mix Explorer Bundle

DIY Mix Explorer Bundle

The DIY Mix Explorer Bundle comes with one of each of the flavours from our DIY Mix range. It's the perfect way for you and your little ones to explore the range and discover your family favourites. From indulgent Choccy Chia and tropical Vanilla & Coconut to the new zingy Strawberry Cheezcake and Choc Orange Slices, your taste buds will be buzzing with excitement! Your only decision is deciding which mix you'll make first.


Keep the family on their toes this summer by mixing up snack time with FUNCH! So, what are you waiting for? Discover and explore the world that we have to offer!


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