FUNCH's favourite childhood books!

Book month has gone off with flying colours and it's not even mid August yet! 

For those that could remember, I asked the FUNCH team what their favourite books were growing up and/or what their favourite books are to read to their little ones. It was a fun and nostalgic trip down memory lane, and we all got to bond over something else, our love for these classic books! So if you do win our Book Month Giveaway and you've got that $100 booktopia voucher to spend, here are inspirations for books you can purchase 😉 

Jackie (Marketing Coordinator):

Jarrod (COO):

Sam (CFO):

John (Operations Assistant):

Henry (Marketing Coordinator):

Claire (Supply Chain Coordinator):

Marina (Supply Chain Coordinator):

Jarrad (Brand Manager):

Lisa (FOUNDER and Product Manager):

Jerome (Global E-Commerce Manager):

Renata (Operations Assistant):
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