Healthy Holiday Snacks for Kids

As each school term comes to a close, you’re probably thinking of ways to entertain your kids during those two week breaks - and what to feed them in between meal time. Especially during the silly season, more of us are drawn to sugary snacks, such as cookies, muffins, and of course, gingerbread. You’ll have to make a special effort to ensure you’re feeding your children snacks that are on the healthier side. 

The good news is, there’s a large variety of healthy holiday snacks for kids. With our suggestions, you’ll be able to swap out sugar for nuts, fruit and protein-filled treats. Here’s some easy-to-make snack ideas:


1. FUNCH DIY snack mixes

Our list begins with our very own FUNCH DIY snack mixes. Gluten-free, dairy-free and made from all-natural ingredients, our bliss balls, protein balls and raw slice mixes are as tasty as they are healthy. With no added sugar or artificial preservatives in our DIY snack mixes, they’re the clever alternative to pre-made, store-bought snacks. Best of all, they can be made up in just a few minutes with some extra ingredients you already have in your pantry. Our DIY snack mixes come in six delicious flavours so be sure to check them out! Buy one or buy in bundles.

2. Caprese bites

Add a single cherry tomato, a mozzarella ball, and fresh basil leaf and another cherry tomato to a wooden skewer - in that order. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a tasty and healthy holiday snack they’ll love.

3. Strawberry + banana sandwich

Cut off the strawberry’s leaves, and then cut a slice from the base of the strawberry. Slice a banana into pieces measuring roughly 2cm thickness. Place the banana piece between the strawberry pieces - and you’ve got yourself a bite-sized healthy snack! 

4. Frozen watermelon pops

Now here’s a fun way to get your kids to fulfil their daily fruit intake. Cut a whole watermelon into quarters, and slice the wedges into tiny triangles. Create the tree base by cutting out the watermelon rind into thirds and removing the other two thirds. Then, pop into the freezer!

5. Bananas in Pyjamas

Dip whole bananas into honey (leaving a few cm from the bottom), and roll them with desiccated coconut for a snack that will feel naughty but is in fact quite healthy!

Survive school holidays with FUNCH DIY snack mixes

FUNCH is here to provide you with effortless healthy snacks for kids at school as well as while on holidays. You really can’t get any simpler than our DIY snack mixes, which take minutes to make from scratch. With free delivery for orders over $30, shop online today and try all six delicious flavours.
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