Healthy Takeaway Options For You and Your Family

It’s an unrealistic expectation that you cook a well balanced, nutritional and tasty dinner every single night of the year. Sometimes we all just need a night off slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. Enter takeaway food.

Traditionally, takeaway food has had a bad reputation for being unhealthy. But we are here to tell you that with a little perusing the menu for the good stuff, you can find options that have nutritional value and still taste delicious. 

5 tips for enjoying healthy takeaway

  • Think about portion control
  • Looks can be deceiving and your eyes can be bigger than your stomach. Slow down. Look through what you have ordered and use bowls and plates you have at home. Portion out what you have and try to stick to the amount you would normally eat.

  • Aim for nutritional balance
  • You won’t always want to or have the option to, but ordering a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and good fats is the goal for keeping your healthy takeaway meal well balanced. Lots of takeaway places now have low carb options and even gluten and dairy free things too.

  • Don’t order when you’re really hungry
  • This is the best kept secret when it comes to keeping in line with healthy takeaway food. Don’t leave your order until the very last minute or you will order so much more (and ultimately consume more) than you actually need.

  • Skip the deep fried options
  • Every cuisine you come across will have some kind of fried or fatty contingent on the menu. Keep your healthy takeaway options in mind by eliminating the deep fried stuff. You’ll feel less heavy and a lot more like you’ve done the right thing for your body. 

  • Say no to sweet stuff
  • Step away from the sweets and cut the sugar intake right back. We all know too much sugar isn’t good for us. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a delicate desert that turns up in plastic wrap all melted from being in the same bag as your hot food.

    Go for these when you’re looking for healthy takeaway food

  • Japanese
  • Delicious, nutritious and easy to pick a healthy takeaway option from, Japanese is fantastic all rounder cuisine. Go for brown rice in your rice bowl dishes or sushi rolls as it is a low GI wholegrain that will keep you fuller for longer. Sashimi, seaweed, miso soup and edamame are all fabulously healthy takeaway options.

    Avoid: Tempura dishes as they're deep fried in batter and always served with loads of kewpie mayonnaise.

  • Thai
  • This cuisine is known for its freshness and that's what we are looking for when it comes to healthy takeaway. Veggie rich stir fries, salads, fresh grilled fish dishes and so much more. Opt for brown rice where possible to help keep your energy up.

    Avoid: Having your dishes doused in all sorts of sauces. If you can, ask for them on the side, as they are super high in sugar, oil and salt.

  • Fish and Chips
  • Traditionally, fish and chips may have been a once in a while treat on a weekend because of the heaviness of the menu items. You now have lots of healthy takeaway options when it comes to this age old favourite. Choose grilled fish, baked sweet potato fries and even add in a salad for your intake of daily veg.

    Avoid: Anything from the deep fryer like potato cakes, onion rings, chips, or thick beer battered fish.

  • Poke Bowls
  • A new favourite of many that has popped up on the list of your favourite delivery app are Poke Bowls. Hailing from Hawaii, this delicious meal is a big bowl full of goodness. Usually made on a base of rice or salad greens, and topped with all sorts of healthy items like raw sashimi style fish, pineapple, corn, tomato, carrot, beetroot, cucumber and loads more brightly coloured vegetables.

    Avoid: High carb base options like noodles or white rice and choose the less creamy sauces to drizzle over the top.

  • Vietnamese
  • Known for it’s delicious fresh ingredients, a lot of the Vitenamese cuisine is served raw or very lightly cooked. Choose rice paper rolls, fresh salads, grilled seafood or tofu and vegetable stir fries. 

    Avoid: Deep fried options like spring rolls, chicken wings or heavy white rice and noodle dishes topped with only protein in a rich sauce. 

    Enjoy healthy takeaway food and delicious snacks in moderation

    In summary, you and your family don’t have to miss out on the deliciousness of takeaway food. Stay educated on nutritional value, shift your health priorities and pick the menu items that are better for you. Vietnamese, Poke Bowls, Fish and Chips, Thai and Japanese, are all nutritionally appropriate and healthy takeaway food cuisines that your family will love.

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