International Picnic Day 2022

One of the most important days is upon us. I know how much we all love it, we countdown the days and with each passing day the hype builds and builds. But what happens when the day has come and you’ve forgotten something at home?!

Yes we are talking about INTERNATIONAL PICNIC DAY!

The key to the most successful picnic day is preparation! Make the foods before the day, night before or morning of. AND WRITE A LIST - SO YOU DON’T FORGET A THING!

Here is a list of our most important items to bring on a picnic. Some are unique items that you might not even think of, you can thank us later. Now before you go off and enjoy the importance of the day, fill up that picnic basket with:

 A Picnic Rug

Duh. Self explanatory. Let's Move on.


Weather Protection

If you’re bracing the cold like the rest of us are in Australia but still want to celebrate the day, an extra blanket is in order. Or if it miraculously is a sunny day, don’t forget a hat/sunnies and of course SPF, that should be part of your daily routine anyway.

Tea towel/napkins:

Especially when you’ve got little ones eating and running around, they are bound to get their food on their face and hopefully not, on their clothes too. So bring some napkins or a tea towel along to ensure all spillages are dealt with!


Rubbish bag:

What if you found the best picnic spot but a bin is nowhere in sight!? Bring your own! We don’t condone littering, especially on this important day. So bring along an extra bag for rubbish. And if it’s windy make sure it doesn’t blow away in the wind!



What is a picnic without sandwiches? Unless you’re gluten free, but even then you’ve got plenty of alternatives. But the question is, crust on or off? If you don’t want to waste the crust then blend them up into bread crumbs and use them for chicken schnitzels! Now back to the important topic at hand, sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with a lovely refreshing salmon, or chicken, or tuna, or a salad one. BASICALLY WE LOVE ALL SANDWICHES!



How little are your little ones? We suggest our fruit purees for those 6+ months. Easy to pop into the picnic basket and very delicious and nutritional!

What about for the older kids and yourself? You can’t go wrong with our DIY Mixes. Just prepare them the night before or the morning of, pop them into a container and you’ve got yourself the perfect bite size snack for a picnic!

Other snack options? Sorry we only promote our own snacks wink



So many easy options as long as you don’t forget the cups! Also a handy tip for us Aussies, if you’re having a picnic in the cooler weather, a thermos full of hot water is perfect so everyone can have a cuppa of their favourite tea! That's important, so write that down.


A Knife and chopping board:

Ever experience your little ones fitting over the same piece of sandwich, snack etc. Well with a knife in your picnic basket you can cut it in half. This also corresponds with a chopping board, you know those mini ones you see and think what kind of person needs a tiny chopping board? Well you will when you’re on your next picnic. Once again, take note of this one. It's important.


Beach chair:

No, you don’t need to be at a beach to use a beach chair. They are the perfect size to enjoy sitting in rather than the ground when it comes to a picnic. Those of you that need the extra love to the knees will appreciate this one, especially when you are not struggling to get up off the ground. Plus they’re light so your children can carry it for you!



Football/soccer ball is the top tier option when it comes to entertainment for the family/friends on a picnic. Whether you join in or just watch, either way your children will have fun and most importantly tire themselves out. So don’t forget this one because it is key to a successful picnic, that’s for sure.

We did want to make a joke about having to bring teddy bears for a teddy bear picnic but that would’ve been juvenile of us….so we will leave it at that. 

What do you think is the most important thing to bring along to a picnic? Either way we hope you all can get this weekend for a picnic, if not because the weather gods have blessed you with showers we do suggest an indoor picnic. Set up the picnic rug indoors and all gather around for some snacks and laughs. But the football can stick to the outside so you might need to skip that on your list wink
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