Top 10 Winter School Holiday Activities!
It is the kids' most favourite time of the year and the parents most dreaded…..

If you’re lacking ideas for winter school holiday activities then we have got some for you! If you’re lucky enough to get some time off work, or can make use of the weekends then here are some great winter activities to do with the kids.


1. Free zoo entries for kids!

Not only is this one cost effective, but it’s also educational and tires out the kids. So everyone is happy. Unless you're lugging around the pram, then all the best of luck with that. Catch some giraffes in the wild, have a peek at the meerkats and learn all about the different types of monkeys….and have a laugh at those ones with the pink bums haha they are called baboons FYI.

2. Pram friendly hikes

If you’ve built up some muscles from pushing the pram around the zoo, then a pram friendly hike should also be up your ally 😉 Walks can be great for sightseeing, bonding time as a group and of course, tiring out the kids! Check out our blog on the best pram friendly hikes in Victoria! Oh, and don’t forget snacks to keep the kids energised! We know of some good ones……..

3. Gatherings

Now it is winter so if the weather has shown who’s boss, then the next best activity for these school holidays is an indoor event. And there is no excuse needed to host a party! So gather the parents around the kitchen bench, and let the kids crawl around in the lounge room. Each parent can bring a dish, so the pressure is off you providing it all. If you can’t be bothered hosting, trust us we get it. Then those play-land’s are the next best thing! Do your googles and find the closest to you and your kids friends, organise to be the taxi for the day and let the kids run around as much as they want! How ideal does that sound!

4. Arts and crafts

Want something a bit more calming but also fun to do with the kids? Then arts and crafts is the perfect option this winter school holidays! It helps to stimulate the kids with some challenging activities. You can follow a tutorial on YouTube, buy a kit online or let the kids take control and see what they create with their own imagination! If you’re going to host an event, make the invites from scratch. Or better yet, make a card from scratch with some fun designs. And if the weather clears up, go for a walk and drop it off their friends!


Want to watch a movie but it isn’t kid appropriate? Drop the kids off at their grandparents. Want to get a coffee with friends without the kids causing chaos in public? Drop the kids off at their grandparents. Want to just have time to breathe? Drop the kids off at their grandparents. Problem solved, and day saved!

6. Bike Rides

    Got those bikes from lockdowns still lying around? If the weather eases up, and petrol is still on the rise then a bike ride is another great activity to do this school holidays! Whether your little ones are ready for a 2 wheel bike, or still have their training wheels on, get out on that bike track and go for a family ride! Bring some snacks in your backpack, and have a picnic somewhere nice. We know of some good snacks……


    7. Exhibitions!

    Catch an exhibition at the museum or gallery. There is plenty to see this school holidays. And if you live in Melbourne like us, the whole city is dedicated to different types of exhibitions. So you will never be short on something to see. So hop on that train into the city, sightsee with the little ones and see an exhibition! Plus lots of these places have kid friendly shows and play areas to stimulate their minds and encourage their creativity.

    8. Lightscape show!

    Yes, we do need to plug some of our local attractions here in Melbourne. The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne has a fantastic new lightscape that has only just made its Australian debut this year! From 24th June to 7th of August, you can wander the gardens and enjoy a spectacular light show. It’ll light up the evening and let the kids explore magical scenery.


    9. Ice skating

    I know what you’re thinking “but FUNCH we live in Australia, it hardly ever snows here”. Yes, but with those fantastic advancements in technology, actually we have no clue HOW they actually do it BUT! There are plenty of ice rinks set up around town these school holidays. So you should find one nearest to you, and enjoy a fun and exhilarating activity with the family. It’s fun to enjoy an activity in which you can all participate in!

    10. Build a fire pit!

    Supervision is very important for this one, for obvious reasons. So if you’ve got the space, and the time why not build a fire pit. Whether it’s a bought one from Bunnings, or one built from scratch, light a spark and have some fun! Roast some marshmallows, pretend you’re away and cook on it. Or better yet, tell some ghost stories!!!! Haha we will let you decide on what to do with the fire pit but there is no better past time than staring at a flickering fire.

    So whether you have a budget, or want to go explore something new with the kids. There are plenty of options for the family to do this winter school holidays. Stay warm and have fun!

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