Top 5 Family Road Trips for School Holidays

It’s the kids' favourite time of year and the parents most dreaded….unless you’re one of the lucky few that get to also take some time off work to enjoy the school holidays (we’re jealous).

If you’ve run out of ideas to entertain them and if you’re down for it, why not ask the kids where they are interested in visiting in their home state? It’ll make them more on board for the activity! It got us thinking of road trips and how it’s a fun activity for all. You can collect memorabilia as you go. Stickers, whether they go on the car boot or on their school notebooks. T-Shirts, if they have them and if they are cost effective why not get 1 for all!

We wanted to mentally escape and thought what better way to do it than look up awesome road trips in Victoria. We know of the most common ones, like the Great Ocean Road but we wanted to expand further. Some forgotten ones like Phillip Island, which we haven't visited since we were kids! And then some new ones we wouldn’t even consider if it wasn’t for the internet, like the pink lakes!

Without further ado here are 5 family friendly road trips to go on these school holidays:

1. Phillip Island

Sometimes we forget that such a fun place can exist so close to home! This one has everything, pelicans at San Remo, penguins at night, beautiful beaches EVERYWHERE and isn't that far of a drive. So if you're looking for one that is close by and can be done in a day, this one is for sure a must do!

2. Bendigo

Rich in history and a decent road trip for the family to enjoy, so this one could do with an overnight stay. Make sure to book a tour or two. There is lots to learn, especially to keep the kids entertained and surely tired enough to sleep on the way back home!

3. Pink Lakes of Murray Sunset National Park

Want a bit of outback Australia but can’t be bothered going too far from home? This is the perfect one for you and the family! Good for the drive and even better to walk around once you arrive at this PINKful destination. If you are into it as a family, it makes for a great campsite for the evening. Enjoy the miraculous pink water at day and stargazing at night.

4. Black Spur Drive

What's a road trip without a picnic at the destination? This one just screams HAVE A PICNIC HERE! With the fresh air, it is perfect for those warmer days. Unless animals are more your thing, then stop off at Healesville Sanctuary and enjoy this open range zoo with a hand feed of some Aussie wildlife. What a memorable day it will be with views of the valley and trees that touch the heavens!

5. Gippsland

Enjoy a scenic road trip? This one will for sure have all the kids begging for a window seat! Pick a beach to stop at for a rest, there are lots to pick from. Remember you gotta head home too, so choose which beaches beforehand you want to stop off and visit. Enjoy the breathtaking views but don’t forget to find a local fish and chips shop to recharge your batteries.

Let us know if you’ve been on one of these road trips before or if you have another recommendation for us!
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