World Chocolate Day 2022

We are surprised today isn’t a public holiday…

If there is one guarantee in life, it’s that we all unify together on our love of chocolate 🍫  It comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours. It caters to all our wants and needs. But while we do love ALL types of chocolate there is one we can’t help but appreciate a little more. And what better day to discuss it with the FUNCH fam than today!

We are talking about CACAO! Pronounced, according to Google, /kəˈkɑːəʊ,kəˈkeɪəʊ/. 

We use this powerful and natural ingredient in a few of our products and even include it in some recipes. Cacao comes from the same plant as cocoa, the cacao plant. It is the process that makes it differ in taste and nutrient levels. While they are similar to one another, the cacao ingredient is actually more nutritious overall. The cacao has its nutrients intact because of the fermentation process it goes through.While cocoa has been put under a high heat, which strips it of its dark shade of brown and strips it of any nutrients to become a more sweeter flavour.

Cacao has numerous health benefits. Who knew such a simple ingredient can be so powerful 💪😍 

It is a source of iron which is important for healthy oxygen levels - so you can catch your breath while your kids are making you keep up with them 😅

Cacao has high levels of magnesium, which helps with relaxing muscles and making us feel calmer - doesn’t that sound like something we all could do extra of😌

Cacao also has calcium in it which we know helps with bone strength - so you can keep up with the little ones causing havoc around the house 🦴 

Zinc is also in it which is important for maintaining a healthy immune system - so when your kids come home from daycare sick you will hopefully not catch it 🤒 

And the list goes on and on and onnnnnn. So when you find yourself baking next, swap out the traditional cocoa for cacao, the better alternative for your chocolate fix!


We use cacao in some of our most popular products and there is a reason for it, because it’s that delicious of an ingredient!

It’s a no-brainer that we of course use the natural ingredient in our chocolate shake. Our newest range to the FUNCH family, our Kid-POW shakes have been a hit amongst the kids!

Here is what people are saying about our Chocolate Kid-POW Shake

“My 2 children (3 years, 5 years) go nuts for the Funch Chocolate Flavored Shake. This little beauty is packed full of nutrients, probiotics and pant-based protein for growing bodies. Funch is complimentary to a balanced diet, it's gentle on tummies and is a great addition to breakfast and/or an afternoon snack plate.”

“My son is a fussy eater so it’s great knowing I can give him something that he thinks is a treat but is actually good for him! Convenient breakfast when whizzed up with some fruit for mornings on the go too.”

Another product we use Organic Cacao in, is our Choc Orange DIY Mix. Currently on sale, so if this has got you feeling peckish then this is a great time to stock up on this particular flavour. The Cacao mixed with the Natural Orange Flavouring creates this unforgettable snack, that is easy to whip up just add some dates, coconut oil and water to the DIY Mix and you’ve got yourself a delicious cacao filled snack!

Here is what people are saying about the Choc Orange mix:

“Lovely rich choc orange flavour, reminds me of dark chocolate, if you like dark chocolate, this is a snack you should try.”

“The mixes are so yummy. Easy to make and foolproof. And they taste so good. I make them for my friends and they all praise them highly.”

Now onto the most popular of them all….or perhaps just a personal favourite of mine….our Choccy Chia Mix!!!! It’s safe to say we live to the expectations we’ve set from the description we share on our site “These choccy chia snack balls will satisfy the most fierce of chocolate cravings”. If there is any day to indulge in those chocolate cravings then today is the day! Our Choccy Chia mix is a decadent way to enjoy a snack, and it can be made in minutes. It’s no wonder that we have received a 94% Percentage Recommendation on this product. All you need to do is just add pitted dates, coconut oil and water to the DIY mix and you’ve got yourself one delicious choccy protein ball!

Here is what other people are saying about our Choccy Chia mix:

“Huge winner in our house. Helps with that afternoon crave for chocolate. But not too sweet either. Husband was shocked they were made with dates. Amazing!!!”

“I have purchased this flavour a couple of times and this won't be my last. It's the most delicious IMO of their range but I love chia seeds and who doesn't like chocolate. I love how easy this is to mix up…The chocolate is a real chocolate taste and cures my cravings. How can something so delicious be so healthy.”

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