About Us


Founded and made in Melbourne, Australia, FUNCH is here to help you discover, choose and enjoy the right foods - for richer, more satisfying lives.

With a variety of nourishing snacks and fresh meals with real ingredients, FUNCH helps everyone to see meal time as a fun adventure. FUNCH helps individuals focus on what’s most important, so that you can get the most out of life.

FUNCH provides a range of products suited for the whole family! We put our best into creating our products to get the most out of them to provide fuel to make an impact on the world.

In a world where our busy lives and intrusive technology can keep us apart, FUNCH breaks down the barriers to bring us together. Whether it’s creating, serving or eating food, we believe it’s always better when the moment is shared.

We value authenticity, which is why our ingredient lists will always be readable and transparent. With a variety of nourishing snacks and fresh meals with real ingredients, FUNCH helps meal times become a fun adventure.

FUNCH founder, Lisa, says “making mealtimes fun and knowing we are all getting the nutrition we need is a huge task, as a parent. With so much to juggle in life, FUNCH cuts us some slack and gives us more time to spend together.”.

FUNCH hopes to provide a journey of discovery to explore the possibilities in everything by setting up experiences that deliver entertainment and imagination. We want you to create memories in the kitchen together that will last a lifetime!

Through FUNCH we aim to inspire you to unearth the opportunities food brings, transforming what can often be mundane into pure entertainment. Nourish yourself and those you love.

Our promise to parents

The products we make help your family love, enjoy and discover food, and empower everyone to feel satisfied that what their family is eating is good for them and good for the world they will inherit.